May 19, 2020

A Good Looking Tiddly Theme for Digital Gardens

Based on the Krystal theme

There’s been a ton of energy for digital gardens recently. First this thread blew up:

And then - Anne-Laure started blogging about TiddlyWiki:

That inspired me to explore Glitch as a hosting paltform for Tiddly in my last post:

TiddlyBlink on Glitch

But the design of TiddlyWiki still bothered me - Anne-Laure figured out a way to make a beautiful looking static-export of her wiki at but I was hungry for a node version1 that I could run on Glitch and didn’t look terrible.

Then I found Krystal

Then someone posted a link to the Krystal theme by Roman Veselý and it’s (finally!) a nice minimal and pleasing theme for TiddlyWiki (it even looks great on mobile!):

You can play around with the theme here

Krystal on Glitch

And here’s my reference installation for getting Krystal setup on Glitch:

Huge thanks to Roman for putting this all together - all I did was stick it on Glitch.

I’m going to experiment with using this as my digital garden for a little bit and see how we go.

  1. The primary reason for using node is so I can have a wiki I can edit on my phone 

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