Tom Critchlow

Hello there!

I do consulting work for startups & media companies. Read more about that here.

I'm passionate about art & technology and am co-founder of Brooklyn art collective Fiercely Curious.

I also know a little kung fu (but I'm rusty)

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I have a blog. Nothing fancy but it's not hosted on Medium so that's a relief. Here's the latest:


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Hire Me

I'm a digital strategy consultant by trade. What does that mean? Read up:

Open Feeds

As a resistance to the hyperfeeds of BigSocial I'm trying to build my own feeds (on rss!). Bookmark and follow along here:

One day I'll get around to making this easy for anyone to publish their own feeds page


Twitter is where I hang out and by far the easiest way to get in touch with me. @-me!


I created a slow-growing and sporadically tended personal wiki to be a place for me to collect the dots.


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