Tom Critchlow

Working with me

I run a boutique consulting practice helping companies define and build digital marketing capabilities.

I’ve been working in digital marketing for over 10 years and as an independent consultant for the last 4 years - working with media companies and startups - advising on content marketing, brand, audience development, organizational design and growth.

I think of clients like partners and typically don’t get hired to make spreadsheets. I’ll make the spreadsheets anyway, but you hire me to care about your business.

Some Past Projects

As an independent consultant the work I do is varied and always tailored to the client’s needs. Here’s some past projects to help you get a feel for the kind of work I do:

I’ve worked with media companies such as The New York Times, The Wirecutter, Ziff Davis, Finder, Essence Magazine, Dotdash and Complex Media on audience development, SEO and content distribution.

I’ve worked with startups such as Olapic, Fundera and Seatgeek as an advisor - whether as interim CMO, strategy consultant or helping to build the marketing team from scratch.

Because of my deep knowledge of SEO, content marketing and business strategy I’ve also worked with marketing agencies such as Distilled and Seige Media as a strategy consultant and business advisor helping to build teams and processes to drive growth.

There are typically three ways to engage with me:


Face to face workshops - where I bring research to the table and challenge assumptions. These sessions can be incredibly valuable, not only as a way of moving forward but also as a way of aligning and identifying future work projects.

Embedded Strategy

The next step is usually getting as close to your team as possible - to understand the dynamics and to understand the business. Most work is done project-based where I define specific needs or problems and address them with speed. This ongoing work often revolves around the core principle of helping clients define and build new marketing capabilities - whether in content marketing, SEO, audience development or helping to lead brand positioning and market research.

Team Building & Org Design

Finding marketing talent is hard and I have a lot of experience hiring, training and leading teams of marketing and editorial talent. Think of me as something like a consultative recruiter - helping to define the needs in the first place and then helping to source the right people for the role.

Please get in touch: [email protected] / 917 414 9121