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In my consulting work I co-pilot with executives to lead strategic growth and innovation.
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  1. Partners not clients. You can't outsource giving a shit but I try to really care about your business - and align my work to business impact not project deliverables.
  2. What's the next most useful thing? Momentum is the most valuable resource and I work hard to unblock clients, always focused on moving things forward, even if that's hands-on work.
  3. Yes! And... My consulting style is optimistic, generative and always seeking a way through. It's not about my ideas and right or wrong, it's about the best way forward together.
  1. Strategy & stewardship. I like to get involved in both strategic thinking and ongoing iteration. It works better if you let one inform the other.
  2. Numbers & narratives. I bring an analytical rigor to all projects but also recognize that how we position ideas and communicate projects changes their outcomes.
“Tom is a CEO Whisperer. He is truly a world-class listener and mentor who knows how to knock down walls inside companies to get strategic projects delivered.”
Jeremy Cabral - Founder & COO, Finder
Digital Content
Working with brands like The New York Times, Gartner and Atlassian I've worked on content strategy, audience development and SEO strategies.
SEO Investment Allocation
With 15+ years in SEO I've helped Fortune-100 brands create and audit SEO budgets, create SEO programs and hire senior SEO leaders.
Tangible Innovation
I've worked with Google and The New York Times to ideate, prototype and design new products at the intersection of product and growth, with a specific bias towards innovation that is meaningful to the core business.
Executive Performance Coaching
Unlike an executive coach I get more hands on with my coaching - working with senior individuals and executive teams to drive operational performance and strategic clarity.
Strategic Positioning
Great positioning starts with deeply understanding your customer and your market. My work spans customer research, branding and strategic design to create new branding that lives across all touch points.
Commerce Content
Working with the Wirecutter, Dotdash, Mashable, PCMag, Finder and others I have a deep understanding of the commerce content business model and it's associated risks, challenges and opportunities.
Assembling and leading a team to ideate and prototype new digital products for The New York Times
Working with the New York Times I worked closely with a senior executive to translate a senior level request into a concrete innovation project.

I assembled a small team of researchers, designers and led strategy on a set of prototypes for new digital products within the Times.
Leading GTM for new startups within Google's Area 120 team
Working closely with the innovation unit inside Google I led customer research, iterated on product positioning, launched growth experiments and created a GTM strategy to find product-market fit.
Creating a multi-million dollar SEO program for Angi
Working with the Chief Product Officer to help Angi create a new SEO investment strategy which included creating a new SEO team with 20+ full time roles. Created the strategy and investment plan and hired the VP SEO role to oversee the team.
Strategic advisor for Finder
Working closely with the executive team on key strategic projects including international expansion, creating a detailed Monthly Business Review process and leadership meetings.
Creating a new brand positioning and implementing across sales, marketing and operations for Directive Consulting
Working with Directive to create a new positioning to power growth, followed by aligning all internal teams across marketing, sales and operations to align around the new positioning.

Starting my career in SEO allowed me to get a deep, grounded understanding of "how the web works". Working at places like Google and consulting with companies of all shapes and sizes gave me a good understanding of "how business works".

Throughout my career I've been obsessed with the question of how to be effective. Recognizing that to be effective requires understanding the humans, the systems and the incentives at work.

I'm based in Brooklyn and love new opportunities.

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