March 20, 2024

A Lil' Website Refresh

New design, new pages and more

Welcome to version…. 19? 25? Honestly there have been so many iterations over the years who even knows. The point is there’s a new coat of paint.

A few things that are new:

  • New sidebar menu layout
  • White background for most of the site
  • A new advisor page
  • New topics pages
  • Bringing back the blog map
  • A mini timeline on my about page
  • The newsletter is now embedded (via buttondown)

Thanks to Brian Lovin for the inspiration on the sidebar nav. With his blessing I borrowed heavily from his layout and design. Maybe one day I’ll get around to building login and fancy interactive pieces like Brian has too :)

For the nerds - same stack as before: TachyonsCSS, Github Pages, Jekyll.

Still a few bugs to iron out - if you see something that doesn’t look right drop me a note!

New Topic Pages

Here’s something fun I’m tinkering with. Heavily inspired by Emmanual Quartey I’m starting to develop “questions” as an organizing logic for my site:

These topic pages (example: sustainable independent consulting) house collections of writing as well as my research boards. Hopefully as evolving, deepening spaces for long term lines of inquiry.

Take Your Website Seriously

Why care so much about a stupid personal website? Well, aside from the fact that this is the only entry website for how I make all my income - MORE IMPORTANTLY I think it’s the cure to loneliness.

As you get older it’s harder and harder to meet new people, expand your circles and show up in new spaces. But my website is a little antidote. Just last week I had 6 coffee meetings and zooms with people I’d never met before. What a time to be alive!

As I’ve said before, the unit of blogging is the conversation.

In NYC? Let’s get coffee.

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A Lil' Website Refresh

March 20, 2024

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