The Strategic Independent

Theory & Practice for Independent Consultants

I’ve been an independent consultant for 9 years and have learned some things. But most importantly I’ve found that being independent requires a level of introspection and self-reflection that few talk about.

So I'm writing a book - serialized free online - about the art and science of independent consulting. Available in print early 2024.

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1. Becoming Independent

What does it mean to be a "strategic independent"? How do you create a narrative arc for yourself that allows you to step out into the unknown of independent work?

How to do better work for more money, whether you're a designer, writer or strategist.
Narrative Institutions (draft)
How to manage your identity during the transition to independent

2. Finding Work

The number one problem most independent consultants face is finding clients. The default mode of searching for "productized services" however is usually wrong. Instead we need to increase our presence across the networks we're surrounded by.

Network topology and the ghost of the digg homepage
How to generate leads for an independent consulting practice
How to find the “dark leads” hiding in your network to generate client work
Using vibes and voice to find the right consulting clients

3. Ways of Seeing

The soft skills of understanding a client's culture and understanding your point of contact's blind spots and broken mental models unlocks great potential for the consultant to create new mental models and help clients see in new ways.

And how to create clarity in consulting work
Why (their) culture eats (your) strategy for breakfast
How to recognize and understand culture inside a client's organization
And the power of making simple, true frameworks with clients
Always focus on the next most useful thing

4. Yes! And...

Thinking on your feet & being able to spar with clients is a crucial consulting skill. This series takes inspiration from the book Impro by Keith Johnstone to examine consulting through the lens of improv theatre.

How to think on your feet without bullshitting.
If you walk in the door with a problems-focused mindset ready to criticize the client you’ll get rejected by the organization like a bad virus.
Generating & Co-Creating Strategy in the Theatre of Work
How to get things done inside organizations by understanding power potholes and status switching
Embracing the fool & the power of not fitting in

5. Chronos & Kairos

A crucial mistake many consultants make is to act like an employee. Instead consultants should seek to play games employees can't play. Notably time management and just-in-time work open up possibilities.

Mastering Chronos & Kairos to deliver just-in-time consulting
Putting together an independent life without falling apart

6. The Inner Life of Consultants

Being independent comes with the burden of managing your own identity and your own career. How do you create narrative structures and self-reflection to avoid going crazy.

The struggle to define who you are as an independent and the promise of charging more for your work
The narratives that nourish and sustain you as an independent consultant