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JG Ballard - The Drowned World, High Rise (via Gabe)

These office culture books: https://srconstantin.wordpress.com/2019/01/10/book-recommendations-an-everyone-culture-and-moral-mazes/



Words without music philip glass - https://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1631491431/wwwaustinkleo-20/ref=nosim/ from: https://austinkleon.com/2018/10/05/take-your-kid-to-work/

Milkman - recc by All my stars: “I finished Milkman after the holiday. It is not just a great novel, it is a great 21st century novel—a book that could hold its own on a list including literature over the course of a hundred years. I miss reading it. I hope everyone checks it out, because even if it’s not for you, it is good to see what a novel can do and can be in 2019 (well, 2018.)”

Same same Peter Mendulsend


Gnomon: https://desert.glass/newsletter/week-8/

ABC of reading - recc by Brian

Infinite detail

How to do nothing - jenny odel

roadside picnic

Void Star! Is really good and central character is a contractor who can talk to AIs https://twitter.com/speckledwords/status/1121814387478663173

The Timeless Way of Building (via dave perell)


“Ideas about a person’s place in society, his role, lifestyle, and ego qualities will lose their hold as the cohesive forces in society disintegrate. Subculture values will proliferate to such a bewildering extent that a whole new class of professionals will arise to control them. Such a Transmutation Technology will deal in fashions, in ways of being. Lifestyle consultants will become the new priests of our civilizations. They will be the new magicians.”


Invisible cities (Italo Calvino): This book reads like a hazy solipsistic opium dream, hovering somewhere between poetry and prose. Highly recommended if you’re fascinated by cities; its expansive, wandering style, crawling along the stones and streets of imagined cities like fingers stroking Braille, reminded me of Sohrab Sepehri’s The Lover is Always Alone, which is one of my favorite books of all time.

The things they carried - see beautiful Wildsam email

The housekeeper and the professor

Always coming home

Pencil Me In: The Business Drawing Book for People Who Can’t Draw


The club of queer trades

Good source of books here: my years of reading