Tom Critchlow

Hello there!

I do consulting work for startups & media companies. Read more about that here.

I'm passionate about art & technology and am co-founder of Brooklyn art collective Fiercely Curious.

I also know a little kung fu (but I'm rusty)

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Some of my favorite blog posts

The State of Content

I just presented these slides at SearchLove in San Diego hosted by Distilled. It’s a summary of trends and insights into the business of content that I’ve seen. Tons of links and references to my favourite reading….

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The Importance of Launching

This is the story of how a weekend project and 276 lines of Python got me a job at Google. But it’s also a lesson I often tell - that side projects should be art or poetry. To be useful for your life they don’t need to be businesses.

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A Fieldguide for Independent Strategy Consultants

What follows is an outline, or a collection of conversation starters, for digital strategy consulting.

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Indie Blogging & Distribution

I’ve been thinking a lot about indie blogging recently. The concept of writing on your own platform, or just writing in the fringes of other platforms. Writing with an independent voice.

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Blogging, Not Blogging

This post is about wanting to start but stumbling at the first hurdle. Let’s try and get you over that hump - here’s 7 things I’ve found useful to get blogging over the years.

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Two Years on the Road

Two years ago today I quit my job and headed out on my own as an independent. I’d like to talk about it a little. Maybe I can be helpful to those behind me, maybe those in front of me can add their wisdom. Maybe I just need to write.

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