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Emerging trends in economics:

  • Platforms that unlock illiquid assets
  • Gig economy for more efficient matching of labor
  • New markets (e.g. GOAT for sneakers)

This article is excellent - How internet marketplaces unlock economic wealth


Platform Coops

Organizing the internet generation This is how Open Collective works.

source: Open Collective - Make your community sustainable. Collect and spend money transparently.

We’re actively looking for the learning guide of the future. A large part of our newest investing thesis is about trusted brands that broaden access to knowledge, and an exciting path to achieving that goal may be to modernize the syllabus and bring it online. If you are working on a better syllabus, reach out: I’m [email protected] and I can’t wait to learn from you.

Source: [Looking For Syllabus 2.0 Union Square Ventures]( by @usv