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Below is copy pasted from an email to a good friend who’s teaching a course on entrepreneurship for political science students:

I’m a huge fan of Gary Chou and his entrepreneurial design course. It drives home the making and launching aspect in really fun creative ways. He re-named it to https://postindustrialdesign.school/ - but you can find the course online here.

For political science students and working with institutions and organizations I highly recommend diving into the work of Helsinki Design Lab. They have a few books available on print on demand I’d highly recommend: http://helsinkidesignlab.org/pages/studio-book.htmlhttp://helsinkidesignlab.org/pages/legible-practises.html

Also - for working with and inside government you should follow the GDS in the UK. They are slightly less radical now but they started as a very radical and interesting group. Their alumni is a list of amazing people. Not quite sure where to start but this is good: https://public.digital/2018/09/25/making-government-as-a-platform-real/ (and public.digital is the latest venture from some of the original GDS folks)

Lastly - you should put the course online! I’ve been following along remotely with this course since pretty much the whole course is posted online. I think this open access / collaborative / blogging model is really powerful.