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Music Discoveries

Ólafur Arnalds live from Hafursey, in Iceland for Cercle 🔗

by Ólafur Arnalds

Magnificent live video performance in Iceland

Oldtoy 🔗

by French Gardens

Looping summer vibes like a cross between future loop foundation and four tet

Esja 🔗

by Hania Rani

Mesmerizing piano, reminiscent of phillip glass

6’s to 9’s (feat. Rationale) 🔗

by Big Wild

Happy funky electro grooves

Ali 🔗

by Vieux Farka Touré & Khruangbin

West African guitar, mixed with dub and electronics. Lovely, groovy and warm.

Erratic Texting Behavior 🔗

by Jason Kolar

Beautiful ambient droplets of sound. Heard this deep and loud over the Public Records sound system and it moved me.

Epic Dream 🔗

by Vega Trails

Melodic saxophone and bass. In a church. Beautiful and haunting.

Dwig 🔗

by Orange Evening

Zomg that bass. head nodding delight.

Colly Year in Music 2021 🔗

by Simon Colly

Just a great roundup of music to explore

Yefikir Engurguro 🔗

by Hailu Mergia

Soulful african piano jazz. Sublime.

Loom Dream 🔗

by Leif

Electronic magic. Epiphany in Public Records.

Talkin' Verve: Roots Of Acid Jazz 🔗

by Jimmy Smith

Funky acid jazz.

Mickey Mouse Operation 🔗

by Little People

Cool beats. Blockhead-esque.

Scenery 🔗

by Ryo Fukui

Spring jazz

San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Flowers In Your Hair) 🔗

by Rei Harakami

haunting melodies - that tuba! Thanks Robin Sloan

Kurayami No Iro -Colors of the Dark- 🔗

by Rei Harakami

japanese electro magic (thanks Toby!)

Power of Soul 🔗

by Funky Destination

bad ass jazz

Nomalanga 🔗

by Caiphus Semenya

rise up and shine with a smile on your face. Optimism in music. Wonderful.

Ritme Jaavdanegi 🔗

by Mohammad Reza Mortazavi

softly urgent and in/out of time drumming rhythms. Complex and smooth all at once.

We Might as Well Dance 🔗

by Madeleine Peyroux

soulful buttery delicious!

pocket change 🔗

by nate smith

inside the OODA loop of funk drumming (recommended by Craig Mod)

The americanization of ooga booga 🔗

by Hugh Masekela

rowdy jazz energy

Windflower 🔗

by Herb Ellis & Remo Palmier

delightful calm jazz guitar

stepping into tomorrow 🔗

by donald byrd

The future! From 1974. Beautiful energetic jazz. Contains the "think twice" track that I've had in my head forever...


by Musicophilia

staying away from slick Nashville sounds and focusing in on the more adventurous, expansive things happening in and adjacent to Country in the mid-70s. The rhythms are funkier, the politics are more palatable, the production is lower-key, the lyrics generally more personal and thoughtful in their story-telling way. Call it “Country for people who don’t like Country” if you want–but I’d argue it’s also truer to what Country music should be

the book of traps and lessons 🔗

by kate tempest

Hold your own! Dark but uplifting magic from Kate Tempest.

The Scumfrog ft.Elliott LaRue (excerpt from sunrise 2017) 🔗

by The Scumfrog

Uplifting upbeat sunshine rave

Dawn 🔗

by Silent Poets

Electronic style, sweeping beats. Recommended via Ben Pieratt.

An Insatiable High 🔗

by Masayoshi Takanaka

Funky swing japanese times.

At The Pershing-But Not For Me 🔗

by Ahmad Jamal

Good jazz for spring time.

70s Japanese Jazz Mix 🔗

by Magical Mystery Mix

Youtube shuffle jazz.

Swiss Movement 🔗

by Eddie Harris

Upbeat jazz. Bouncing.

The Electrifying Eddie Harris 🔗

by Eddie Harris


What Now 🔗

by Sylvan Esso

Punchy indie.

Singularity 🔗

by Jon Hopkins

Sweeping electro music for focusing.

Suzanne 🔗

by Roberta Flack

Music to break you. Tender. Into the wreck.

Cactus Tree 🔗

by Joni Mitchell

She only means to please them. Tender.