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Notes on HTML & digital maps

Why is it so hard to make maps on the web. We interact with maps all day long, but only in very pre-determined ways.

Where are the exploratory, creative ways to build, play with and remix location-based content? A few things I’ve seen:

Hello lamppost - and the great talk where this idea is teased out some of these things are not like the others

https://walkkumano.com/ from Craig Mod

https://arroyo.jon-kyle.com/ from Jon Kyle

Sunrise journal

Urbanimals from the Playable City project.

Localize.city - not sure who is behind this but it’s a delightful UI

A barrow by a beacon - wonderful meditation on walking from Matthew Sheret

In the map room - an art project of annotating IRL digital maps projected on the floor. Wonderful.

Map with friends on glitch