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Tools that let users make maps:

Tripadvisor Foursquare https://jauntful.com/ Google Map Maker https://www.mapbox.com/

https://mapstr.com/ https://www.embedgooglemap.net/ https://travel.sygic.com/en https://snazzymaps.com/ https://maphub.net/JacobJohansen/Japan https://mapme.com/ https://mapmaker.nationalgeographic.org/ http://www.shoutem.com/app/map https://www.mapiful.com/ https://storymaps.arcgis.com/en/


Publishers who publish map-content:

Eater Tripsavvy Tripadvisor

# /links.md

Maps as Media - an online course freely available from Shannon Mattern

Playable cities & hello lampost

In the map room - wonderful art project from Jer Thorp

Walkable stories:

https://walkkumano.com/ from Craig Mod

https://arroyo.jon-kyle.com/ from Jon Kyle



A sense of place in 30 questions:

The following exercise in watershed awareness was hatched 30 years ago by Peter Warshall, naturalist extraordinaire. Variations of this list have appeared over the years with additions by Jim Dodge, Peter Berg, and Stephanie Mills among others. I have recently added new questions from Warshall and myself, and I have edited or altered most of the rest. It’s still a work in progress. If you have a universal question you think fits, submit it to me.

source: Kevin Kelly – The Big Here


# /html-maps.md

Why is it so hard to make maps on the web. We interact with maps all day long, but only in very pre-determined ways.

Where are the exploratory, creative ways to build, play with and remix location-based content? A few things I’ve seen:

Hello lamppost - and the great talk where this idea is teased out some of these things are not like the others

https://walkkumano.com/ from Craig Mod

https://arroyo.jon-kyle.com/ from Jon Kyle

Sunrise journal

Urbanimals from the Playable City project.

Localize.city - not sure who is behind this but it’s a delightful UI

A barrow by a beacon - wonderful meditation on walking from Matthew Sheret

In the map room - an art project of annotating IRL digital maps projected on the floor. Wonderful.

Map with friends on glitch

# /geolocation-tools.md

Tools for building things using geolocation: