Blogging Annual Update

A letter

What is the annual GDP of blogging?

That sounds like a ridiculous question but bear with me for a second. Stripe’s mission is to “increase the GDP of the internet”. And it strikes

Networked writing & blogging is kind of like the pre-revenue phase of economic engines.

Writing on the internet

Open questions:

  • With the blogging discussion moving to Twitter, how would you rekindle a blogging “scene”?
  • Is the economic engine stronger if you do it as part of a niche or group? What would happen if you helped a neighborhood / city / industry move into blogging all at once?
  • Thinking about Squad Wealth - maybe the real economic engine for squads is squad blogging? The tools for running group writing projects is terrible (still!). New forms of squad publishing would unlock new forms of squad wealth.

What is the annual GDP of blogging? That sounds like a studid question but let’s take it seriously for a second.

Blogging is this strange economic engine - specifically providing individuals economic freedom.

How does the US government segment the economy?

I would invest seriously, with a straight face into the blogging ecosystem. The blogging economic idea machine. Substack creates visible succes as well as tech infrastructure.

The (economic) idea machine of blogging

In response to:

Blogging and internet writing powers economic freedom and optionality. We’re seeing a cambrain explosion in online writing. Tech and infrastructure still needed

Blogging is economic freedom

From Not Boring to Craig Mod to Female Startup Club to (example career path via Writing)

Patio11, Matt Levine,

(insert journalist personal brand fight here)

Writing shifts the balance of power away from institutions to the individual providing greater economic freedom.

Writing leads to revenue (Reading, Writing, Arithmitic)

Writing leads to:

  • Subscription
  • Info products
  • Books
  • Services

Real businesses too

Sacra Industry Dive Other?

Explosion in the “scene”

Write of passage Ship 30 in 30 EditorNinja?

Substack Ghost Buttondown Medium Growth in github pages projects?

Sidebar case study: Not Boring: from write of passage to substack to investment firm

Twitter as infrastructure

Mastodon, Microblog, Indieblogging How to host comments?

Analogy to Glitch/Replit

Writing is one aspect of the “lowering access and barrier to entry” online

Looking forward

What we need:

  • More interest in feed readers,
  • More examples and case studies of writing
  • Squad writing
  • Wikis/Gardens

From PKM and note-taking to knowledge creation, wealth creation