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Seafood Risotto Recipe

Seafood Risotto Recipe

  • Fry up some onion, garlic etc (etc can be carrots, celery whatevs. Add fennel here for extra flavor)
  • Before that stuff gets too cooked - throw in the rice. There is traditional paella rice, but I think we usually use arborio rice (technically used for risotto)
  • Stir well to prevent the rice sticking and add vegetable stock bit by bit and keep stirring to stop it sticking (I usually have a second pot with vegetable stock that’s on a low heat to keep warm ready to spoon it into the mix during the course of cooking)
  • Before too long, add the rest of the veg (baby tomatoes, mushrooms, leeks, pepper etc)
  • At some point, turn the heat down and keep adding stock and stirring to prevent it sticking and let it almost stew
  • Once ready to serve, mix in some cheese (I added sheeps milk manchego)
  • Garnish with cilantro & lemon

Easy to add seafood and/or chorizo for extra flavor/protein if needed. Salt, herbs etc all to taste If you have extra white or red wine around throw it in during the cooking Smoked paprika is traditional A little spice is usually nice Chop up some olives and throw them in along the way for extra flavor Throw in some anchovies Mix in optional greens - either at the end to cook a little or fresh on top to garnish

Total cooking time is usually 45-60mins-ish. So long as you keep adding liquid you can keep it cooking on low heat for a while, just watch out for it sticking or drying out.