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My Favourite Fantasy Books

Wheel of time - Robert Jordan Terry Pratchett Redwall Lord of the rings Dragonlance Anne Mckafrey

Assassin's Apprentice 🔗

by Robin Hobb

My all time fave fantasy series is the farseer trilogy. Defined my childhood. Incredible writing, fully realized worlds, grand adventures and characters that will melt your heart.

Perdido Street Station 🔗

by China Miéville

I read this one recently (i.e. later in life) so who knows if I'd have enjoyed it as much as a kid but the descriptions are wonderful here and the imagination is literally off the charts.

A Wizard of Earthsea 🔗

by Ursula K. Le Guin

Deeply memorable from my childhood.

Magician: Apprentice 🔗

by Raymond E. Feist

I remember devouring these as a kid (warning some Amazon reviews take issue with the kindle version so try a physical copy)