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I’m very interested in new ways of networking writing. You can see some thoughts on that in my post experiments in networked writing.

Most of my thinking on annotations is contained in this post: exploring the UX of web-annotations

Hypothesis is the best in class at the moment but still has a long way to go. It feels robust but without a strong UX (especially so on mobile where it almost entirely fails). is an interesting looking tool that provides a dashboard for a URL (with they had the ability to do a whole site) to show how many annotations there are, from who, over time.

Genius actually has a better UX but as a VC-backed monstrosity I have no faith that they’ll be around for much longer (wouldn’t be surprised if Vox buys them for cheap at some point to fold the annotation layer into Chorus)

Whoah - check out this service that live-transcribes C-SPAN into gdoc, allows for in-line commenting in the gdoc then spits that back out as JSON for web-display:

Annotation - The MIT Press Essential Knowledge Series

Full teardown of annotations options