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New Blogging

Adventures in new blog formats.

  1. New Blogging 1 - Building Blogchains

    Written on 17 July 2019.

  2. Hello and welcome to a new experiment on the blog. It’s inspired (I mean, copied) from Venkatesh’s Ribbonfarm: the concept of the blogchain. Venkatesh has written a bunch about them: A blogchain is longform by other means. Containerized longform if you like. A themed blog-within-a-blog, built as a series of short, ideally fixed-length posts (we’re trying to standardize on...
  3. New Blogging 2 - Open Blogchains

    Written on 31 October 2019.

  4. This past week has seen a lot of chatter about blogging. Mostly kicked off by this tweet: RIP blogging we all tried real hard to make the internet good and then corporations and rich idiots destroyed everything a generation of writers tried to build— Molly Lambert 🦔 (@mollylambert) October 29, 2019 The...
  5. New Blogging 3 - Blog Patterns

    Written on 16 March 2020.

  6. This post is a retreat from the crazy world into the domestic cozy self-care of fiddling with my blog. I’ve been fiddling with my blog lately as a way to distract myself from the world. I’ve been thinking a lot about the new age of blogging and how structures are changing. Venkatesh in a text renaissance outlines some...