January 11, 2023

Building a New Project in Public

Working title: Figma for Knowledge Workers

Nate Kadlac runs Approachable Design an online course to teach the basics of visual aesthetic and design.

I run the SEO MBA an online course to teach SEO professionals executive presence.

Together we’re cooking up a new project - and we’re going to build it in public. Why? Why not!

Update: the weekly recurring working session is here:

The project is very early but the basic pitch is this:

Figma for Knowledge Workers - an online course to teach a pragmatic basic grounding in Figma for product managers, consultants, creators and folks who can do more effective and more creative work by learning to work with Figma.

Listen, the project is still in the concept phase. But if you want to join Nate and I tomorrow we’ll be building it all in public.

Figma is a magnificent product. I’m not a designer but as an independent consultant, creator and blogger I spend probably more than 50% of my time in Figma working visually. Concepting, giving feedback, and creating visual assets.

For more background, here’s a post I wrote: The Visual Revolution in Knowledge Work.

And here’s the twitter thread that inspired it all…

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