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August 1, 2020

re: More experiments with video calls, and what slides are for

Putting words on faces

Matt, I’ve really been enjoying your experiments with a more playful, expressive and distinct approach to virtual presentations. I was really looking forward to this talk (which was supposed to happen in my discord but unfortunately tech issues prevented us from seeing it - sorry!):

But you inspired me to fiddle around with something similar, and maybe one that doesn’t require you to use a virtual webcam (or fry your computer with processing!)

Basically - I had an idea that you could share screen on a tab that is displaying your webcam and have a low fidelity version - which would probably be choppy but could be fun none the less. So I made a glitch app to show the proof of concept using a full screen div with your webcam in it and reveal.js presentation on top:

Play with it yourself here:

Remixing this and making your own is one click and easy over on Glitch.

Have fun!

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