July 23, 2020

Some notes on Thinking in Public

An evolution of my small-b-blogging thesis

A few weeks ago my good friend Jim asked me if I’d run a little session for Part & Sum around the theme of “thinking in public”. I love Jim and I love Part & Sum and I love thinking in public so I jumped at the opportunity!

That Part & Sum session spawned a salon in the discord that became this figma file. I really need to find time to write this up into a more formal presentation but for now I’m capturing this figma file and sharing it out. I think there’s lots of good ideas in here.

The basic thesis is this:

Start at the top and weave your way to the bottom - there’s lots of sidenotes :)

Thinking in public - figma file

I think this idea is especially relevant for those looking to create content in a B2B context (either an indie consultant or an agency) where expertise and “thinking” is important.

If you want to hire me for this kind of coaching / strategy work to help you define a public content strategy around “thinking in public” then you know where to find me.

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