July 30, 2019

Space for Creativity

Erin's Kickstarter - Journey to the End of the Night

My partner in crime Erin has been spending the last three years writing and illustrating a picture book for kids.

When our daughter was born the first instinct is just to hang on - to try and salvage some normalcy out of the chaos of parenting. But as Roxy got older you start to realize that they’ll grow into little humans, curious little humans. And that they learn mostly by watching, not through the “teaching” or “parenting” you do.

So we resolved to close the gap between who we were and who we wanted Roxy to see us as. In other words to put work into those things that mattered to us and to pursue the goals and projects that would align with who we wanted to be.

This might sound mushy but… Erin and I have carved out space for projects we really want to pursue, my writing is coming but it’s further behind - and Erin’s spent the last 3 years dedicating her art practice to writing and illustrating a picture book for kids. It’s beautiful!

The Kickstarter just launched:

There’s also a small family announcement towards the end of the video so stick around for that!

It would mean a lot to me if you can support or share the Kickstarter to help make it a success - we passed the initial funding goal on day 1 but there’s still extra stretch goals and more to do!

I’m glad that both Erin and I have a chance to work at home, to turn working into a creative act and to do it around Roxy so she can see. A great reminder that it’s healthy to take your kid to work.

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