June 6, 2018

Thank you Seth

Congrats on the new site

Celebration. Too much of the internet (and certainly social media) is spent dunking on people and criticizing things. But in the old days of blogging there was a lot of “hey this is good, go check it out!”.

So in homage to one of the most incredible blogging feats out there and to the olden days of blogging - congrats Seth!

Seth Godin recently launched a podcast Akimbo which is lovely (I especially like the double bass jazz notes) and his latest episode is all about blogging:

He also announced that he’s moved his blog (of 16 years!) from Typepad to Wordpress. It looks great:


So congrats on the new site. Congrats on the podcast. Thank you for keeping going.

And, a good reminder to all of us about the quiet force of a blogging habit stuck to over time

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