June 1, 2018

How to get things done

Two interesting frameworks for trying to get things done within an organization

How do you convince an organization to change? I’m a little obsessed with this question and spend probably an unhealthy amount of time self-reflecting on why clients do or do not execute on the things I’m recommending.

I came across two frameworks recently which really helped me think about it:

A Framework for Thinking about Systems Change

From this excellent blog post comes this graphic which really needs no explanation:

What I love about this is it has the diagnosis built in. Feeling anxiety? It’s because you are missing the right skills. Confusion? Missing vision.

Love it.

But, what if everything was execution?

From Tom Peters comes this presentation on the excellence dividend. It’s nice having a framework, but what if ultimately the whole thing is just a relentless focus on execution?

Tons of thought provoking ideas in here.

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