May 20, 2018

Some good links

From dystopia to blogging and back again - some links I've enjoyed recently

I’ve been heads down with client work the past few weeks but wanted to keep the momentum going on the blog by publishing something so here’s a few interesting and good things I’ve found lately:

City Everywhere

A stunning tour de force. There’s really no way to explain or describe this. Liam calls himself a “speculative architect” and this presentation / world tour / near fiction / storytelling / art is just something else…

It’s 43 minutes but I can’t recommend this highly enough. Left my jaw on the floor.

A Lonely Isle

A mini-podcast, 6 episodes of a few minutes each. Exploring a little rock deep in the north Atlantic. Just a wonderful creative project. Neatly contained, fully cross-media and delightful for a morning or evening commute:

State of the digital nation

This is loooong but a rewarding read. I absolutely loved the 2016 version so was eager to read the 2018 version:

I actually felt like I disagreed with many of the points here (in particular, the conflation of “advertising agencies” when talking about massive holding companies and “advertising agencies” when describing smaller 20-100 person shops). But whether you agree or disagree I think there’s lots of food for thought. Recommended.

(Alas I deeply wish this was published somewhere other than medium. The original 2016 was lovingly art directed and edited for the web and felt like something unique. Medium strips away all of that…)

A Guide to Agile Communication

Ah a real gem from Giles - a manifesto or manual of sorts around how and why blogging and agile communications in general work:

Plenty here that I think applies to agencies trying to figure out how to do blogging…

After Authenticity

My good friend Toby wrote something deeply thoughtful, provocative and interesting. After authenticity:

What does it mean to be authentic in the digital world? In the modern world? Authenticity as aesthetic was a provocative idea 10 years ago… but now? What comes next? Recommended reading.

What have you read and enjoyed lately?

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