January 30, 2018

Who gives a shit about your content?

Creating connection in a networked world

We aspire to be Tim Ferris. But we outsource our productivity content to an agency.

We aspire to be 538 but we let our SEO agency make the infographics.

You want to have the audience of T-mobile CEO John Legere but you outsource your comms strategy to a PR agency.

We aspire to create a video series like Casey Neistat but we outsource our video to a video agency

Here’s the question:

Who gives a shit about your content?

I mean that two ways:

Internally, who’s involved in producing something they really care about?

In your audience, who is going to remember this piece of content in 12 months? How deeply will you move them?

Listen, not every company needs content that moves their audience.

But! If you need connection, intimacy, loyalty or action from your audience then you’re going to need to make something they give a shit about.

Why not start by making something you give a shit about?

The ugly truth about much of the content produced online is that it’s being measured on superficial metrics by unmotivated parties. If you’re in the business of making your audience take action then you’re gonna need to make something they give a shit about.

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