September 9, 2016

Death of the Industrial Advertising Complex

Two excellent videos on the future of media

I’ve been working in media and content for a long time - and I like to keep an eye on emerging trends. Two videos have really stuck with me recently:

First, the death of the industrial advertising complex, a talk by Scott Galloway of L2:

Some great quotes:

broadcast television is cursed with being a swimmer and every eleven minutes someone takes a dump in the pool

This talk is fascinating, but to really feel the shift to digital media you need to watch this interview between Peter Kafka and Machine Zone CEO Gabe Leydon:

[media] buyers are going to get more sophisticated and everything is going to get repriced

I think it’s been “the year of the death of traditional media” for a while, but it’s actually happening right now at a terrifying pace. Seen anything else good recently around the future of digital media?

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