January 26, 2015

Links Jan 26th

Here’s some links I’m noodling on this week:

The buzzfeed aesthetic is self-replicating

In which a buzzfeed clone literally reposts a buzzfeed article but with added text (though clearly the value is in the original images). “You won’t guess what this buzzfeed article just posted…”

Why I’m not a Maker by Debbie Chachra

Walk through a museum. Look around a city. Almost all the artifacts that we value as a society were made by or at the order of men. But behind every one is an invisible infrastructure of labor—primarily caregiving, in its various aspects—that is mostly performed by women.

This piece resonates very strongly with me. Being recently self-employed and feeling the emotions of money more keenly it really brings into focus the idea of “worth”, “value” and making things… Lots to digest here but well worth the read.

Stuid and beautiful by Ben Pieratt

Once upon a time a vulture had no name, the eagle too. A vulture is no eagle but its hardly a vulture either. So it is with us. We’re neither animal nor mineral nor behavior nor dictionary. You are you, stupid and smart, beautiful and awful, 100% the truth of yourself, no matter what anyone Says.

My god - this is beautiful, heartbreaking writing in 12 short paragraphs from Ben Pieratt. Ben - I love you and want to hug you. I’m terrible at money and taxes too.

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