April 1, 2014

Let Me Know How I Can Help

You’re buzzing, “partly from the free beer, partly from just meeting some awesome new connections at this hip Brooklyn meetup. You’re having a great chat with a bearded, plaid-shirt-wearing startup guy and just as you’re about to part ways he says:

“Let me know how I can help”…

I used to blink in this situation and miss the opportunity but I was once told by a wise man - “always know how people can help you out” - and I’ve lived by it ever since.

You see people mean well - there’s a lot of ambient goodwill floating around that you can leverage. But you have to do the work to leverage it. When you hear “let me know how I can help” you shouldn’t just shrug it off and say thanks - instead it pays to have a top of mind list of things that you’re actively looking for help with.

Similar to “Ask HN” or “Show HN” I’d love to see a similar goodwill meme such as “HMO” - “help me out”. To that end - I’m posting my current top of mind list below and I encourage you to post your own and ping me. I’ll see if I can help out at all!

Help Me Out - April 2014 edition

Here’s the top of mind list of things I’m looking for help with right now with Fiercely Curious.

Startups & Co-working spaces looking to hang art on their walls - I’m looking to experiment with new sales streams for Fiercely Curious and I’d love to connect with startups, businesses and co-working spaces that want to hang some awesome local art on their walls. Ping me, no obligation to buy anything but I’d love to chat.

A local framer I can partner with - wow is framing a difficult, weird and expensive business. We realize how important good framing is for art and we’re looking to partner with an independent, local framer who we can work with for all the art on our site. Know someone? Send em my way!

Contacts in the “art collector” world - while the art on our site is totally affordable and you don’t need to be “in the business” of art collecting to buy on our site I’d still love to connect with folks who really know this traditional art world to better understand how it works and who the movers and shakers are. Would love an intro!

Local interior designers - who controls the purchase for art? I have a theory that sometimes it’s an interior designer. Is that true? Any local interior designer folks wanna grab coffee and chat about how that business works? We’d love to partner with some local interior designers and see what kind of magic we can work together.

So…… you tell me, how can I help?

Write a post and send me the link. Who knows what might happen.

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