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Education, teaching & learning increasingly powers everything I work on.

Consulting is education: teaching clients how to do things.

Every consulting client is an education for the consultant.

Brand marketing hinges on educational experiences for users.

In-context, edutainment, powerful education and learning moments.

Quantum computing for the very curious - learning essay format - this is a stupid little prototype I built to show how a “guided learning” UX could look and feel like. I quite quickly abandoned this because I think it’s an evolutionary dead end (too forced for one thing). The one idea I did like here is using Chrome local-storage to quickly and easily generate your own “side notes” or space for reflection and notes to self while reading which I think is a great deliberate practice for learning.

twitter thread here shows my thinking and building process

TODO: a prototype similar to the above from the opposite end of the spectrum i.e. entirely self directed instead of forced linear learning. What would that look like? - love this idea for building a mini curriculum for a topic that you’re passionate about.

this archive of Patrick Tanguay’s learning newsletter is an online university that lives in the links between personal websites. Here we learn about the internet.

The structure is simple. The academy has 6-week long semesters. Anyone is welcome to enroll and anyone can facilliate a course on anything related to the internet (programming, communities, hardware, music, anything).

If you complete at least 1 course during a semester, you graduate and get a ~sticker~.