Conference Talks I'd Like to Give

Getting back on the stage

I used to speak at conferences all the time. I think my most active period was 2011/2012 when I spoke at about 18 different conferences and meetups all around the world including Sao Paolo, Seattle, Vegas, Munich, London, NYC and more.

Then I went to go work at Google and spoke at zero conferences.

Then I went out on my own and in the last 10 years I’ve spoken at 4 conferences.

I miss it. So, much like my list of startups I’d like to work with. Don’t ask don’t tell eh?

SEO Professional Development

Career paths, skills needed and salary

A presentation about blogging

I gave a presentation years ago at ianno about using hypothesis as a blogger and loved it.

Digital Bricolage

Hacking, making things etc.

How To be Indie Consulting Sustainable aka what I’ve learned over 10 years

No idea what kind of conference this would be

Executive Presentation Skills

This is probably less of a conference talk and more of a training session but

A Rallying Cry for the SEO industry

Ready to revisit this talk: