Emergent Creators

Emergent Tokyo and the indie creator web


Creators can get a bad rep.

“You’re a consultant?” Ugh. “Oh, of course you’re a course creator” Eye roll.

But in a world of digital real estate, indie creators are more like your local coffee shop compared to the huge colonizing forces of digital giants.

A book about the urban fabrics that nurture emergent Tokyo.

I’m interested in a book or research project about the digital fabrics that nurture emergent creators.

I’m not interested in the “get rich quick” style but rather the

Of course, much like Tokyo’s various neighborhoods there are so many distinct sub-cultures and types of indie creators. Freelancers, consultants, course-creators, productivity-nerds, affiliate sites, coaches, drop shippers, and so much more more.

As the economy tilts towards precarity, on-demand labor and fractional work - how can we reclaim indie creators as a positive endorsement and image of small business, supporting our economy?

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January 31, 2024

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