Consulting vs Coaching

The blurry boundaries

Consulting is conversations. This isn’t true of course when you’re more junior - there’s a lot of “doing” work. But as you get more senior you realize that meetings, conversations, discussions, workshops and so on become the primary way that work is moved forward.

My entire professional career is in conversation. This is a realization that comes from Niko Canner:

I’d gone back to consulting because I loved doing my work in conversation: both the real-time exchange of ideas and the way that writing down my thoughts for clients created the opportunity for a slower, more extended form of dialogue. Those were practices to deepen every day.

The Troubles of Executives

Executive Lonliness Lack of control of their own org Lack of context

All by Myself? Executives’ Impostor Phenomenon and Loneliness as Catalysts for Executive Coaching With Management Consultants

Ruth Orenstein book

CEOs as “a container of complexity”

Capacity building vs problem solving

Executive Co-Pilot

From Ron:

My answer to your Twitter question RE coaching consulting: facilitated workshop across exec/leadership team that can bootstrap a strategic piece of work, transformation project, or management consulting level project.

My colleague from ConsenSys ____ was a master at this and no type of work I’ve found can take its place. I’m also a firm believer in constraining engagements to drive focus, value, and accountability.

Just my two cents 😎