Rewilding our Digital Attention

Junkfeeds -> Rewilding -> Agency

Rewilding vs monoculture

Algorithmic feeds the worst, not because they are bad feeds (quality is better!) but because they remove your agency.

It’s this agency that I think is missing.

Everytime I hear someone bemoan the death of blogs or the death of RSS I simply think that it’s an example of someone who has a monoculture feed. They have not tried hard enough to go deeper and go beneath the surface.

https://austinkleon.com/2021/09/28/rewinding-your-attention/ https://blog.cjeller.site/rewilding-your-attention

https://diome.xyz/2+%F0%9F%8C%BF+Leaves/Rewilding+Social+Digital+Spaces https://www.flyingpenguins.io/p/shill-and-be-shilled

How to:

https://craigmod.com/ridgeline/058/ RSS DMs Riffs

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