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re: Media 2020: Rise of the Renaissance Creator

Emerging content ecosystems

Hey Jarrod, thanks for writing this piece. I like your articulation of some of these points. In particular this part:

And I want to connect this to a thread from Patrick McKenzie:

This age of substack and individual creator businesses causes:

Listen - the status quo, especially for journalists is not great. Low wages and uncertain working environments.

What does a media org do about this?

Some smart plays for a NYT / Vox /Washington Post:

Here’s the Times in 2020: it added 587,000 new subscribers in the first quarter. That’s almost three times the number of total subscribers to the Los Angeles Times. It’s more than 70 percent of the total cumulative subscribers to Gannett’s 260 media properties. The New York Times has more digital subscribers in Dallas–Fort Worth than the Dallas Morning News, more digital subscribers in Seattle than the Seattle Times, more digital subscribers in California than the LA Times or the San Francisco Chronicle.

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