The Beginners guide to indie consulting

A starting place

I’m writing a book - but that’s like the mid-level consultants. And I realized that

a) There should be a beginners guide b) “Indie consulting” is becoming a label.

Link to a wiki post that will evolve and grow.

Day 0

Day 1

Month 1

Client 1

Year 1

This should be done in a “docs” style layout:

Or a gitbooks version:

Something that has chapters, sections headings etc.

Should I build it on the threaducation model so there’s room for reflection too?


Maybe the best reflection space is at the beginning - Spend a few minutes reflecting on what you want.

Every page is a post on tomcritchlow - but the container becomes it’s own thing? Iframed in?

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January 31, 2024

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