The Products of Media

Games and utiilities

Revamping an old post.

Successful media orgs are developing product capabilities to take advantage of the product experiences the web offers.

NYT crosswords / cooking drives meaningful part of their subscriptions

Robin Kwong has a post on this too I think? Uber game example.

Needs to be separate from editorial operation. Requires R&D.

I don’t know why it was so surprising when I read it. But when I saw the headline I suddenly realized all at once that we’re in a new era.

How The New York Times plans new subscription products

Maybe? Why hasn’t it happend yet?

Subscriptions - more broadly publishers having to figure out how to do real product development (link to NYT devlops new products)

Future of games is content - see how often fortnite publishes new content.

So - is the future of media organizations games?

FT uber game Brexit bus NYT crosswords NYT new products

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