Fiddling with the (css) deck chairs while the (blog) Titanic sinks

Exploring and evolving my site's design

I spend far too much time fiddling with my site.

One time I was at the dog park, and only one other dog and owner were there. We struck up a conversation (the owners, not the dogs), which inevitably led to the big question of “so what do you do?” The guy said that he was a web developer, which obviously led to both of us explaining a bit more about what type of web stuff we do. I mentioned how I tend to focus on patterns and design systems, and he interrupted with, “oh, are you the guy with the orange website?”

“Why, yes I am.”

Brad Frost

Good to own your home and good to make it yours a little.

Enter Tufte CSS


Too much green?

I recently shifted my #00FF00 to soften it with a 0.4 transparency.

Margin notes


Things I’m Jealous Of

Mandy’s library-reference Toby’s blog-quote

Where next?

I need to evolve the Tufte CSS to bring it more in line with the rest of my personal site and make it more my own.