Lost in the marketing machine

How to balance work and identity

I have availability for new clients for the firs time in about 18 months and I’ve been reflecting.

Yes, I made a workshops page. Does it accurately capture the work I do? No. Of course not. How could it?

What use is content without a distribution engine behind it?

How to do “authentic” marketing?

How to build a marketing machine that doesn’t make me feel grimy.

So I’m contemplating building a media brand - not a consulting brand. But to sell consulting! Why else? I need to eat.

Authentic Marketing?

Having just posted strange attraction - there’s a sense that people love it because it gives them a way to do marketing without actually doing any marketing.

People hate marketing. The idea of cold-outreach, sales funnels, gated content etc.

But these things work! So the real trick must be learning how to do these things authentically too - to have some sense of genuine-ness.