The Theatre of Work

Briefcases 2.0

90% of the time we’re performing our role. We come to work not to actually achieve anything but rather to look like the role we’ve set out.

This can be useful.

VGR says the CEO shouldn’t waver from the script.

But employees this is true too - keep your head down and look like you’re doing the role.

Frustration felt at the environment. The system. But it’s frustration that we can’t DO the work instead of PERFORMING the work.

We’re actors. Playing a role.

The only way to sublime is to magnificently execute the role. The flourish in the photocopyer.

As a consultant my job is to break the fourth wall. Invite the executives and employees into the audience. To observe the theatre. To act in it.

Every moment spent inside the organization however is acting. The performance of the consultant. The longer you’ve been working in a company the way every scene and every still is a scene in the play. It’s a performance where the audience is involved. I’m now performing too! Everyone is performing.