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It was the practice when I worked at Stamen to create a stand-alone weblog for every project we did. This is where we would post ideas and updates for clients throughout the length of a contract. We posted a lot of screenshots and over time these websites became increasingly valuable to the studio itself. They allowed us to see the evolution of our thinking as well as otherwise good ideas that didn’t fit the needs of a project.






Finally, we place great emphasis on making the thinking tangible, following my colleague Bryan Boyer’s phrase, making strategy you can see. This might well be sketch videos, which we’ve used with great success, or a real emphasis on drawing in order to flush out damaging ambiguity and crisply illustrate genuine possibility. And, if we’re talking documents as a deliverable, we ensure that it’s strategy that you might actually want to read, in a format you might actually want to read it in. (Each of our main client reports this year has been produced as a richly illustrated newspaper, via Newspaper Club.)


Whatever blogging tools or CMSs we use to publish on the web, we ought to start finding ways to have them generate well-designed books as well as web pages.

source: The Unbearable Lightness of Web Pages