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A set of projects / ideas for making blogging (aka networked writing) easier and in particular easier to start.

1) Create an open blog export standard

Does this exist? Doesn’t seem like a natural place to start but interop of blog platforms is a key barrier to…

2) Simple places to start

Things like are easy but how much do you get trapped in them? Interop allows for super simple onramps that then become easy to transfer to github or wordpress or ghost.

3) RSS facelift

Subscribing to RSS feeds sucks in the year of our lord 2019. Why? How can we re-energize adoption of RSS

4) Re-brand RSS

Run a kickstarter to raise funds for a design exploration around RSS to reenvision the RSS icon, workflow, and to create RSS-branded merch (Ben Pieratt would be the DREAM person to work on this)

5) Create the “bloggers way” course

A 12-week course and set of cohorts that sign up for learning how to blog.

If you give me seed money I’ll get 1,000 new blogs online.

Other ideas:

  • Some kind of small-b analytics. How can you tell the right people are reading?
  • New kind of comments? Does solve this? Discourse?