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Art. Artists. Aesthetics. "We do not watch artists to see what they do, but watch what persons do and discover the artistry in it." - from finite and infinite games


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Primer is a platform for artistic and organizational development, housed in the context of Aquaporin

Artist placement group

As the mega-galleries continue to battle for market share, Gagosian, most often cited as the world’s largest gallery, is beefing up its technology team. Today the gallery shared exclusively with ARTnews that it has hired as a part-time senior adviser Sebastian Cwilich, the co-founder of Artsy. (…) Gagosian’s tech department is a relatively recent addition to the gallery, the result of its hire last year of a chief technology officer in Gareth O’Loughlin, formerly the vice president of technology at Casper, the mattress startup. “Gareth and Sebastian are both leaders in the field, with a broad range of skill sets and unique perspectives on technology, business strategy, and operations,” Larry Gagosian, the gallery’s founder, told ARTnews in a statement. “They will be great additions to the gallery, enhancing and expanding our innovative work.”

source: Gagosian Hires Artsy Co-Founder Sebastian Cwilich as Adviser, Beefing Up Tech Department -ARTnews

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Generative Art

This site serves as a gallery for my favorite select pieces of generative art. These pieces have been generated using Processing, p5.js, or OpenFrameworks and are each accompanied by a description of the underlying logic that generated the results.

source: Drawing With Numbers: Generative art from Daniel Eden