Playlists for Bookworms

7books ( was a social network for book lovers - focused on building “playlists for bookworms” (a fancy name for lists of books). Launched in 2010 ths project has a special place in my heart since it was the project that forced me to learn how to code Python and to really learn how to write front end code.

Languages: Google Appengine, Python, Javascript, HTML, CSS APIs: Amazon API, Twitter Login, Facebook Login

I wrote a post when I launched the site about how I learned to code and built the site in 4 weeks (link to version)[] - this post struck a nerve in the Hacker News community and generated a ton of amazing connections online. I remember crying in the halls of a convention center in Vegas when this post hit the frontpage of HN and my site went offline for a moment…

Ultimately, despite over 6000 members, I neglected the site after the initial launch, tinkered far too long with product rather than building the community and got distracted by life as I moved to New York.

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