March 20, 2020

My Bandcamp Blogging Bandwagon Reccs

Support indie music!

Update Friday 5/1 - Bandcamp is doing another one day promo so updating this list with some new finds! Support indie artists!

Today Bandcamp is waiving their fees for indie artists and I’m starting a movement to get everyone blogging their fave Bandcamp links to help you discover new music.

Don’t forget to go buy things you like! the whole point is to make purchases to directly support indie artists. Thanks.

If you wanna join #BandcampBloggingBandwagon just post a blog post with your reccs or use to make a list of your faves.

Click to expand a list of blogs participating:

Here’s my picks. Go listening and shopping!


Perhaps my fave all-time Bandcamp purchase Zoe Keating’s heart warming album Into the Trees. Be sure to check out the track Optimist.

I discovered this today via the Bandcamp blog but this music will soothe the soul for sure - Take a Look in the Book by The Legendary Ingramettes:


Four Tet has an extensive catalog on Bandcamp - his new album Sixteen Oceans is a banger though:

If you’re deep into Four Tet already then perhaps check out this remix album that you might have missed. Lush:

Also, turns out my all time fave album is on Bandcamp - Sakura by Susumu Yokota:

And if you like beautiful heart-melting electronica check out Yppah:

Ah went crate digging and found this album - heavy rotation from years ago. Electric Road by Celestial:

Wonderful new recommendation from Toby Shorin - Rei Harakami’s Kurayami No Iro -Colors of the Dark-::

Daniel Kitson - Comedy Relief

Hey - Bandcamp has comedy too! Nothing will cheer you up better in these times than cozying up and listening to Daniel Kitson tell you stories. Part bard, part cynic part grumpy British guy with a beard Daniel Kitson is amazing. Please grab these:


I need more jazz reccs on Bandcamp - who’s got some? Here’s a wonderful mix that I really dig from Magical Mystery Mix:

And here’s a drum-jazz album that I think Craig Mod recommended? Ritme Jaavdanegi by Mohammad Reza Mortazavi. Complex and wonderful:


Where’s my funk at? Link me up some funky bandcamp reccs.

Here’s one I discovered recently - Power of Soul by Funky Destination:

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