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November 5, 2019

Webmention believers...

So I got webmentions set up working on my site and Kickscondor replied:

Hey, glad you got this going!

I completely agree that Webmentions are too hard. However, they’ve been rock solid for me after I got my setup in place. And they were ultimately worth it for me. I’m a believer now. The technology is sick—it just needs more believers.

Thanks Kicks! (can I call you Kicks?). I think you’re right - that it’s a complicated machinery but I think I can already begin to see the power and utility.

Am I ready to become a believer? Perhaps but not quite yet - I think that it’s still too complex for most people and sites.. But we’ll see! Fun to experiment with. Thanks for the encouragement.

This post is also a test of a webmention reply….

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