Digital Bricolage

An ongoing journey in using the web in new ways

I recently tried to map out the various lines of inquiry - to connect the dots across a range of disparate projects and interests. One theme that clearly emerged from that introspection was the importance of digital bricolage.

Digital what?


When I look back at my work with the web I’ve always been remixing, hacking and tinkering with the web. Trying to ask questions like what does the web feel like? How do you treat the web as a texture? What can you do with the web?

But formal coding - and running my own servers and infrastructure - has never interested me. I’ve always been more interested in a light touch experience. The web as light as gossamer.

So, digital bricolage.

Here’s a few of the various projects that I’ve worked on

Electric Tables

Education Trails


Google apps scripts (RSS, annotations)

Digital Gardens & Wiki



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