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This is a simple post to serve as a reference point for a concept that I think is simple and powerful. Just like double entry accounting revolutionised the way we do book-keeping I think triple-entry blogging

Triple-entry publishing for my blog is a simple concept that has completely transformed how I think about blogging. It’s as simple as this: by design every time I write and publish a blog post it’s stored in three places:

That’s it! But the workflow of writing locally and pushing to the cloud means that I always have the most up to date copy of my site on my machine. There’s no export button because it’s already exported.

Yes - I know, this workflow ignores mobile. There are ways of publishing to Jekyll/Github Pages from mobile but I don’t personally have a need for that.

This resiliency means that while Github is a good host for me now there’s zero lock-in and no proprietary formats. I have all the files locally ready to switch to a new platform / environment. But, if my laptop is stolen then I can easily recover a full copy on a new machine and carry on.

Triple entry blogging.

Workflowy does this to a degree - when you “export” all you do is open the same text in plain text for you to copy and paste elsewhere. This is the kind of portability we dream of.

Publishing in quadriplicate!

Building on publishing in triplicate - I should set up a simple script to ping for each post published so it’s stored in blog, folder, github and


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