Tom Critchlow

Sensemaking & Mental Models

Learning from Studio D

A piece of writing rarely hangs together without a compelling mental model. Sometimes the mental model is visible and sometimes it’s invisible but it’s always there.

Examples: VGR My own concentric circles Example from paddy to plate?

Link to wiki on business diagrams and doodles.

I recently went to the Sensemaking for Impact session run by Jan Chipchase of Studio D fame and got a glimpse at his process.

I fell in love with the idea of frameworks - created in an organic process, emergent from the user research and co-created into something that “makes sense” - i.e. sensemaking.

So if you’re stuck on a project, try making your mental model visible. Sketch it. Diagram it. Or maybe it’s wrong? Maybe you need a new mental model. Can you find one?

Poetyry is a form of mental model too.

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