Amazing Space Colony Art from the 1970s

Found via placesjournal
April 12, 2024

I recently read an amazing article in Places Journal called The Shape of Space

In the article it talks about this collection of artworks commissioned by NASA in the 70s to imagine what habitable space colonies might look like...

From the article...

and...Wow! They're stunning works of art and imagination! Let's walk through them

👩‍🚀 🛰 ️👨‍🚀

Toroidal Colonies

Population: 10,000

Bernal Spheres

Population: 10,000. The Bernal Sphere is a point design with a spherical living area.

Cylindrical Colonies

Population: Over a million.

Anyway - you should totally read it the original article The Shape of Space...
And you can check out the full high res images from NASA here: